Mothers – The Heart of the Family

In honour of Mother’s Day I thought in this week’s blog I would take a more personal approach and reflect on two important women in my family, my Mum and Nan.

My Mum has had a big influence on me and is my biggest supporter in business. Mum has always been an inspiration. She was a stay at home mum when we were younger. As a mother now myself I can appreciate the joys and struggles of this. When my brother and I were at school Mum worked what she could in school hours to continue to be there for us. In her 40s Mum decided on a career change. She took herself off to university to get a degree and became a teacher.

In her 50s Mum made another career change to a job you can see that she loves. She educated herself again and set up her own business as a Beauty Therapist. Mum has built a successful business literally from scratch. Through her own hard work her website is ranked on the first page of a google search (impressive, isn’t she?). Since starting my own business Mum has provided countless hours of advice and support, be it sharing her knowledge on running a business. liking every (and I mean every!) post I put on Facebook or babysitting while I work. Mum truly is the heart of our family, I wouldn’t be the same without her.

Another amazing woman in my family was my grandmother. Nan was our biggest supporter in whatever we did. If you liked a particular sport, Nan would follow it too. If you supported a certain cause, Nan would support it as well. In my earlier days I drove a VW Beetle. There was an unwritten rule that when you saw another VW Beetle on the road you would give the driver a little wave. My Nan did this too – in her Nissan Pintara! The photo is the last photo I have with my Nan, taken in December 2003 at my admission as a solicitor to the Supreme Court. Nan, because of her wheelchair, was practically in the front row of the Courtroom, and you could see she couldn’t prouder. It’s that feeling of unconditional support that I hold with me today.

These two women have made me the business woman I am today. I couldn’t do it without their support and memories. I can only hope that I am as inspirational to my own children one day.

Mothers – The Heart of the Family

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