What’s Your Game Plan?

What's Your Game Plan?

This long weekend is a weekend of Grand Finals. You may follow the AFL or the NRL, or like me have no interest in football but are carried along with the rest of the family (go Roosters!). Chances are you will be glued to the television, tuning in to watch a season of preparation culminating in two teams battling it out for the ultimate glory.

In watching the Grand Final, you can appreciate the hard work and preparation that the coach puts in to getting their team ready. The coach definitely has a game plan in place, a plan on how they want their team to perform and options when it doesn’t go to plan. So footy heads, what’s your game plan? Life may be good and you are kicking goals and scoring tries left, right and centre. However, what about those slumps and times when you are not match ready? Have you got your bench ready with your subs?

Using the analogy of football, it is easy to show why Estate Planning is so important. Estate Planning is your game plan for life and as the coach you ensure that your team – your family – are looked after.

Your Estate is everything that you own and owe. The Planning involves putting in place a valid Will and considering a Power of Attorney and Appointment of Enduring Guardian.

A valid Will ensures that your family is looked after when you pass away. You nominate who your beneficiaries are and how they will receive their inheritance.

Power of Attorney comes into play if you lose the mental capacity to run your own financial affairs. The person you nominate as your Attorney can step into your shoes and run your financial affairs in your place, including ensuring that minor children are financially looked after.

An Appointment of Enduring Guardian is utilised if you are unable to make your own decisions about your lifestyle and health. The person you nominate as your Guardian makes these decisions for you as directed by you.

At Sharpe Legal and Conveyancing we can help you put in place a game plan to ensure that you and your family are looked after through the highs and lows of life. And just like the on-field trainer, our mobile service can come to you, in the comfort of your home or office. Call us today on (02) 4605 1501 to find out how we can assist you (we promise not to bring the football puns).

What’s Your Game Plan?

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