Joint Tenancy or Tenants in Common – Do You Know the Difference?

When two or more people purchase property together they have a choice of owning the property as Joint Tenants or Tenants in Common. Do you know what the difference is between the two? In this week’s blog we look at what Joint Tenancy and Tenants in Common are and what it means for property ownership. […]

A Mobile Solicitor That Comes to Me? That is Handy!

Have you seen the Sharpe-mobile? At Sharpe Legal and Conveyancing, along with our office at Oran Park, we also offer a mobile solicitor service. Clients often comment on what a good idea the mobile service is so in this week’s blog I thought I would explain exactly what the mobile solicitor service involves. What is […]

Your Will 101 – Understanding the Basics of Your Will

February 12, 2017 By Melissa Sharpe You have done the right thing and made a Will. You know you should review it every now and then to check that it is still current. However, the thought of all that legal jargon makes your head spin and eyes glaze over. Never fear! In this week’s blog we explain the […]

Signing an Agency Agreement – All You Need to Know

You have decided to sell your home. You have sought recommendations from friends and have spoken to a few real estate agents. Your chosen agent is now asking you to sign an Agency Agreement. In this week’s blog we look at the importance of reading through an Agency Agreement before signing to ensure that you […]

To Comply or Not to Comply? Your Swimming Pool is in Question

January 30, 2017 By Melissa Sharpe A swimming pool can mean hours of endless summer fun and can be a great selling point of a home. However, recent changes in the law see a new compliance regime in place when buying or selling a property with a swimming pool. In this week’s blog we examine what sellers […]

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