Family Law Mediation

Relationship and family breakdown can be a very stressful and uncertain time. Our Principal, Melissa Sharpe, is a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and able to offer mediation services to help resolve this uncertainty. You can avoid the need for expensive court proceedings and get on with your life sooner.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is the process where an independent person, known as a mediator, assists two people in disagreement resolve their issues.  The mediator does this by identifying the issues in dispute and facilitating a discussion. The issues in dispute are explored and options to resolve them are discussed. The aim is for you to reach your own agreement.

Mediation in family law is also known as Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) and the mediator, a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP). Most issues in family law can be mediated on including issues involving children and property.

Why Mediate?

You may have received the advice from family and friends, ‘take them to Court!’ Your first reaction may be to follow this advice. However it can soon become evident how costly and emotionally draining court proceedings can be. Not to mention the long delays.

Mediation offers an alternative to going to Court.

The benefits of mediation include:

  • You have the opportunity to reach your own agreement as opposed to having a judge, who doesn’t know you or your children, make that decision for you.
  • Mediation is more cost effective than Court proceedings. Our fees are fixed price and competitive.
  • Mediation can be arranged in a timely manner without delay. This means that you can get on with your life sooner.
  • Mediations are conducted in a less formal setting than a Courtroom.
  • Mediation can assist in developing working relationship between the parties moving forward, this has obvious benefits to children involved.

How can Sharpe Legal and Conveyancing assist you?

We are able to provide mediation in all areas of family law.

Our Principal, Melissa Sharpe, is an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and is able to mediate all family law issues. Melissa has also worked as a solicitor extensively in the area of family law for the past 14 years including as a Court appointed Independent Children’s Lawyer. Melissa knows the family law system and works hard with parties to come to lasting agreements.

Our office is located conveniently in Oran Park or we are able to travel to other suitable locations within the Macarthur, greater West and South West Sydney areas and the Southern Highlands.

Contact Sharpe Legal and Conveyancing today to find out more.

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